tak nak balik jordannnnnnn Malaysia best sangattt. nak nangis malam niiii tak nak nangis kat airport tak macho depan una and anna. Tak nak nangis depan ron jahan kakngah kakak la abang. tak nak nangis tapi ni dah menitik air mata. tak nak balik irbid. irbid is not so bad is totally a joke. nak kena 3 bulan baru boleh adapt balik dgn irbid. tak nakkk. nak mengopi lagi. nak jumpa kawan2 nak tengok tv. tapi nak belajar. nak ada degree. nak habiskan cepat2. aaaaa motivate lah akuu.

okayyy jordan tu okayy bumi anbiyak. ada bundle. ada mofo. ada nopa. bak kata ummu cari tuhan, jangan expect lebih.

major turn off when a guy said i am mengada-ngada. I hate that. Coz i hate a mengada-ngada girl and i dont wanna hate myself

Friends in public, lovers in private.

Completely the opposite story of mine

Seeing my colleagues posting pictures on instagram of their clinical days😥😔🙍🔪💔🔫

its more sickening than a break up, really. why do i have to go through this for the sake of 4 effin marks.

honestly, im still thinking of the hikmah of it. 3month holiday? haha not.

but thats okay you guys have the right to post the pictures. i will do the same next year insyaAllah..


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thank youuu stevieG 
and balotelli of course 

free hug for both of youuu

if you’re reading this we’re now in a relationship love you babe

The complicated friendship lol


There is nothing good in repeating the year. A year has passed and I’m still not over it. I’d do anything to pass like everyone else. All I feel like all the time is shit but I have to hide it because then people will be like, “Takpelah yang penting belajar” or “Dah setahun dah lalu kenapa nak…